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I’ve never been a fan of big talk. I believe that most things in life are quite simple. The same goes for photography, and especially street photography, with which I’ve found myself avidly involved these last years.
I don’t consider myself a photographer but rather a street photographer, a term often doubted or even entirely rejected by some. (there’s a topic up for discussion)
I’m a street photographer merely because all my photographs are taken out in the streets, depicting the way I see the world; my energy my curiosity, my inspiration and my passion.
I don’t take photographs, anymore, having a particular project in mind, like many or well-known photographers do. I try to keep my camera close to me, as much as possible and my project is always one: Athens, my city, its people.
I love being out in the streets recording anything that catches my attention. Anything real, that might happen at that exact moment, and own it through my camera. I love the adrenaline before and the suspense after each click.
I usually use a small, not expensive camera and take candid photographs. I approach my subject discretely and always with respect. I don’t speak, contact or create rapport with the people I photograph, because I wish to go by unnoticed .
I have no interest, whatsoever, in set-up photographs or heavily-processed ones, full of cheap tricks designed to impress.

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